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Below you will find a list of Marans Breeders.  These sellers are Marans Club Members.

Marans Breeders: Welcome

East Midlands


Roger Furse

Roger is the Chairman of the Marans Club and has been a poultry enthusiast since childhood.  Roger has an expansive knowledge of poultry husbandry, husbandry and showing. Roger is always keen to help beginners enter the world of poultry and is happy to advise his customers.  

English Marans

French Marans

Bantam Marans

Eggs and Chickens

Telephone: 07970480868



Marans Breeders: Schedule

South Wales

South wales

Grant Gore

Pure breed Copper and Blue French Marans.

Day old chicks to laying hens available

Telephone: 07877865581


Marans Breeders: Schedule

If you'd like to advertise your poultry for sale on our website please get in touch for more information and to make sure you meet our criteria. You'll need to be a member of the club and pay a small yearly advertisement fee.

Marans Breeders: Text
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