The Marans Club



Who We Are

We are a friendly group of enthusiasts based in the United Kingdom who aim to support members who are interested in the preservation of this very beautiful breed of poultry.  Click here to find out more about how special Marans are.

We are extremely fortunate and proud to have had His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales as our Patron since 2005. HRH is a great lover of the breed and in the past has even bought poultry from our club members.


What’s New?

At The Marans Club you can trust us to provide the most relevant and exclusive information for fans. This is where our community members can come together to explore recent news and past stories. Read on to see more about what’s been happening lately, and be sure to stay up-to-date with all the latest updates. We love to hear from you and receive your stories and photos about Marans.

Avian Influenza


May, 2022

As of 2nd May, 2022 (nick named chicken freedom day) the requirement to house poultry inside has been lifted. Poultry keepers should maintain strict bio security measures and report unexplained deaths or concerns over illness immediately to their vet. 



May,  2022

Congratulations Jim Smith for winning best Marans eggs from Henmore Derbyshire Dales poultry club egg show! We’d love some tips or getting such a great colour and shine. 

Most Loyal Fan Award


May, 2022

Our most loyal fan award for May goes to Henry,  age 7.  He is pictured here with two beautiful brown Marans eggs that he had collected from his Grandad’s hen coop.  Please do send us pictures of yourselves and your family with your Marans or with their eggs. We've love to post them in our fan gallery and you might be awarded most loyal fan award and get your picture on the home page!