The Marans Club



Who We Are

We are a friendly group of enthusiasts based in the United Kingdom who aim to support members who are interested in the preservation of our very versatile breed of poultry. The traditional English Cuckoo Marans have many qualities; it is a good-sized bird with cuckoo barring good for utility and famously known for its wonderful dark brown eggs that serve as a duel purpose within the exhibition world.


About The Marans Breed

Taking its name from the town of Marans in France, this breed has in its make-up such breeds as Coucou del Malines, Croad Langshan, Rennes, Faverolles, barred Rock, Brakel and Gatinaise. Imported into this country round about 1929, it has developed as a dual-purpose sitting breed.  Like other barred breeds the cuckoo Marans female can be mated with the males of other suitable unbarred breeds to give the sex-linked offspring of the white head-spot distinguishing characteristic