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We are a friendly group of enthusiasts who aim to support members who are interested in the preservation of our very versatile breed of poultry. The traditional English Cuckoo Marans have many qualities; it is a good-sized bird with cuckoo barring good for utility and famously known for its wonderful dark brown eggs that serve as a duel purpose within the exhibition world.


Lord Greenway introduced them into England from France in 1929 after a visit to the Paris Exhibition due to him being attracted to their fleshing qualities (fine textured white flesh) and their fast growing attributes. Unfortunately due to import restrictions Lord Greenway was only able to smuggle a few eggs into the UK in a luncheon basket as “hard boiled”

J.S Parkin, Lord greenways poultry manager hatched stock from these eggs and discovered the wonderful brown egg factor, he was so impressed that after the restrictions were lifted he imported 60 day old chicks. These early birds had both Silver and Dark Cuckoo markings with feathered legs.

Lord Greenway went on to show Marans in numbers achieving success at the Crystal Palace in 1934, then subsequently at the World Poultry Congress in Rome and London. The interest in the Marans was born!




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