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marans club stand National Poultry Show 2008

We need photos of winning birds and eggs at any of the major shows please email them or post to any club official so they can be included on the site

The Marans Club Stand 2008


The BIG news for 2017 is the approval of the standard for the French Copper Black Marans by the Poultry Club of Great Britain. These can now be shown in standard French classes. Other colours [of French Marans] will still have to be entered in non-standard classes.


We all owe a big thank-you to Bill Oldcorn, Mathew Roynon and key breeders who worked hard to get the French standard into the correct format for submission and approval by the PCGB.  

Photo competition for Marans club members

Annually we run a photo competition for Marans club members and we include photos from the competition within the yearbook. Prizes for the best photos are awarded for the top three photos.


Included below is the winning photo from the 2017 competition - a photo taken by Mr Kevin Langley of his French copper black Marans pullets.